About Us

We interpret and add value to your ideas!

Welcome to the world of TOPRA. TOPRA is a Business Solution company, launched in the year 2007, with innovative visions in the Business Solutions. We are leading, next-generation Technology Company with strong business interests in IT service provider specializing in the field of Enterprise level Business Solutions. Our wide spectrum of services includes ERP Solutions, Business Intelligence Solution and Enterprise Class Document Management Solution. We don’t just design and implement Business Solutions but we transform them to powerful business tools.
Implementing an Open Source Business solution has the potential to not only reduce cost, but to increase productivity, flexibility and stability. In order to achieve these goals, you need experience and knowledge in the configuration and implementation. It is our focus to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients best-in-class solutions from start to finish

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is an amalgamation of our corporate
philosophy and our motto of providing next generation Enterprise Level Business Solutions. To envision, design and construct the most magnificent Enterprise Business Solution; to contribute tangibly in overall success of our customers and provide highest Return on Investment to our customers. Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Transparency and Corporate Responsibility are the pillars of our vision and mission and form the cornerstone of our approach that we bring to every engagement. In short our Vision & Mission can be easily summed up as
“To use our industry insights and domain experience to our advantage and provide innovative, high quality, superior and cost effective Business solutions that brings overall growth to our customers.”

Our Ethics

At TOPRA we believe when creativity, technology and marketing combine through strategic planning incredible results are achievable. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and business growth.

Our Difference

Lots of firms offer Business Solutions. We view clients as partners, and our success is only measured by the success of our partners. So we put it all on the table in order to exceed expectations. We know each new project is a gamble, but there is no one we’d rather bet on than ourselves. At TOPRA, our culture matters. And it reflects in our work. Here, jobs are careers, not just a way to pay the bills. The finished Solutions matters to us because it carries our name. Our staff is young, energetic and innovative, and we are never afraid to take risks in an effort to help our clients. Every member of our team is passionate about the ERP and other Business Solutions. For every project, no matter how large or how small, we strive to not only meet your needs, but deliver a showcase in your field.

Our Team

TOPRA employs the best talent in the industry. With the objective to provide innovative Enterprise level Business Solution, we have the right mix of experienced resources as well as fresh minds that bring fresh approach to the table. Keeping in mind the various sectors of the industry that we cater to, TOPRA employs highly skilled Business Consultant, ERP Consultant, Solution Architects, software engineers, programmers and business developers. At TOPRA, we believe that our resources are the building blocks of our organization and they represent the face of our organization. That is primarily the reason we stress upon employing the best minds.
Every interaction that the customers have with our skilled resources, they can unique different experience that we bring on-board. All our resources and team members are committed to the overall growth and development and strive towards achieving this goal.

Our Skills

TOPRA is a company where every solution and service is based on innovation. Our wide range of services that we provide speak volumes about the skills we possess. TOPRA consultants and resources possess strong industry knowledge and domain expertise. With a strong focus on reviving the ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) market, TOPRA intends to use its skills and bring a brand new approach to the industry

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