Topra CMMS


Computerised Maintenance Management System

Best Software for Building, Equipment & Machinery Maintenance

Topra CMMS is the ideal software tool you need to manage the entire maintenance operation.

All details of the Assets (buildings,  equipment & machinery) can be stored in hierarchical format.

Multiple facilities in various locations & all the important equipment & components could be included in the hierarchy.

When a maintenance is due work order can be generated from the system with necessary part details & labour requirement. Once the maintenance work is completed work order status could be updated.

Further system can maintain the maintenance plan in advance.

It provides various reports on maintenance which can make sure operation is done according to the organisation standards & various information need to improve the over all maintenance activity.

Single instance could be used to manage multiple organisations under different companies & keep the records confidently through user access control.

Important benefits include complete maintenance history, maintenance planning capability in advance, management of spare parts inventory, ability to integrate with ERP for parts procurement, reports on maintenance activities, dash boards to visualise important information.

Track an unlimited number of assets in various applications including facilities, marine, aviation, machinery, and more. Extreme flexibility allows the software to be adapted to any type of asset that requires preventive maintenance.

Configure your preventive maintenance tasks by date, hours, mileage, kilometers, revolutions, or define your own! Automated maintenance alerts are provided on-screen or via e-mail to keep you on top of your maintenance.

Effectively manage breakdowns or unexpected issues that occur with your assets. Operators or inspectors can also indicate potential problems so they can be rectified before costly breakdowns occur.

Evaluate the efficiency of your assets in relation to what they are costing you in maintenance. A detailed maintenance history helps decrease downtime and provides vital statistics to aid you in decision making.

Keep on top of what needs to be done with automated preventive and repair maintenance alerts. Visual indicators, popups, and e-mail notifications are just a few ways you can be alerted when maintenance is due.

Itemize and track usage of your parts when maintenance is performed. Comprehensive inventory management system for stock tracking, reorder notifications, purchasing, and more.

Generate work orders based on preventive maintenance due or repair requests. Monitor your work order’s completion status from beginning to end and easily indicate parts and labor involvement.

Various reports to track the maintenance history, inventory & activities due.

Dash boards are customisable for each role which provide important information.

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Equipment Hierarchy

Equipment hierarchy organise all the buildings, equipments to components & serviceable parts in hierarchical format where you can track and carry out maintenance activities.

Every building, every equipment such as air conditioners, generators could be included in the system and connect in hierarchical format with drill down facility.

All the components in the equipment machinery such as a compressor in an air conditioner or voltage regulator in a generator can be tracked & be part of hierarchy as well.



This will track all the assets and its component & maintain a registry of all the available facilities & equipment.

New equipment could be added & old components could be replaced, interchanged & updated in the system as well.

Further all work order information & Planned Maintenance activities also recorded against the equipment objects in the hierarchy as well.

This structure setting up in the beginning will track the entire organisation structure which will help any one accessing the system on how things are organised.

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Work Order

Work order tracks the activities, labour & part requirement for a work to be done while document that particular maintenance activity is done.

Work order is generated from the system for every maintenance activity carried out. It will contain the details of activities & spare parts requirement for the job plus labour required to carry out the activity.

Work orders are issued for both preventive & corrective maintenance activities with the ultimate record for particular maintenance is being done.



In Topra CMMS we can setup approval process based on users as well. This will create & confirm Work Orders.

Work Order status will show whether it is pending or completed. Even status such as fully/ partly completed also could be reflected.

Reports are available for work orders status based reports & pending activities.

For planned maintenance Work Order templates could be saved & automatically or manually generated based on the company policy.

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Spare Parts Management

Complete inventory control of spare parts including ware house management process.

Comprehensive inventory control functionality manage the entire spare parts inventory (stores) & any other stocks managed within the maintenance operation.

Inventory could be GRN (Goods Receipt Note) in to the system & issue against the work orders.

Various controls such as approval levels, issue only for work orders, periodical stock taking could be enforced.


Bar code readers and other WMS equipment could be incorporated as well.

Complete WMS (Warehouse Management System) functions also included allowing to manage the spare parts stores more effectively.

Further multiple ware houses for multiple sites could be configured as well.

Standard functions such as Reorder levels could be maintained & PR (Purchase Requests) could be generated automatically or manually. PR could be either convert to PO or send to an ERP through API integration if required.

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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance automate the process of scheduling maintenance activities.

Maintenance plans could be created for all objects (buildings, equipment & components) in advance detailing the when the activity should be done with work order information such as labour, part requirement & instructions to carry out the maintenance activity.

Scheduling could be done periodically (ex – monthly) or based on meter readings such as 5000km.


For planned maintenance Work Order

templates could be saved & automatically & manually generated based on the company policy.

Further maintenance schedules could be altered based on need while system can generate projected dates based on meter reading as well.

This enforces a robust maintenance strategy where all records are kept & not vulnerable to staff turnover.

Reports are available for various information & dashboards & emails will alert the upcoming maintenance work.

Organise & Control Your Maintenance Operation Smoothly

Topra CMMS is the only tool you need to organise; track your assets & components; manage spare parts; issue work orders & planned the maintenance in advance.