Getting the right IFS talent is challenging. Building an team of IFS experts for day to day user support & optimising the solution is what you need, then Topra is the best IFS partner you need.

We build offshore teams for your need, to work in harmony with users & provide the best IFS expertise.

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IFS User Support

To get the best out of IFS, skilled team of experts is a must.

You have selected IFS due to the significant impact it can have on your business.

Going forward, having access to a team of IFS experts guarantee the optimum usage of the solution. Access to such a talent pool is limited & Topra is committed to build offshore teams work as part of your organisation supporting users & improving the IFS solution.

We have distinguished our services with providing the best IFS professionals who possess a versatile expertise.

Our consultants are well trained to fix user issues promptly & to help them to learn new functionalities or clear any doubt arises while using the IFS application.

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Customised IFS Support Solutions to Meet the Demand of the Organisation

Our customer first approach will analyse your support requirement & tailor made a support structure for you.

  • IFS Support for the entire global organisation with dedicated team of consultants (FTE).
  • IFS Support for a regional operation (Ex – Asia) with dedicated team of consultants (FTE).
  • Customised support for a smaller organisations with non dedicated team.

Other Services

If you are an existing IFS customer there are multiple ways to engage us to get the best out of your solution. We serve across the borders irrespective of the location.

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IFS 10 Upgrade

IFS 10 is the latest IFS version with significant improvements.

If your organisation is on IFS 8 or older version it’s ideal to upgrade to 10 unlock the new features with vastly improved user experience.

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Consulting Services

To optimise the solution, for a regional rollout, upgrade or any other requirement we provide expert level IFS Functional & Technical consultants on midterm/ long term contracts.

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Report Development

We provide ad hoc report building and modification services on multiple tools including

  • IFS Report Designer
  • IFS Business Reporter
  • Quick Reports
  • Crystal Reports
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Rollouts/ Trainings - Asia

If you are a global organisation with business entities in Asia; we can provide IFS services speeding the process saving travel costs from US/ Europe.

  • Regional rollouts
  • Implementation in Asia
  • Training
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Replication Monitoring

For oil & gas companies real time replication monitoring is important.

Our team of experts can provide replication monitoring on various time zones including 24/7.

You can outsource full or part of your replication monitoring function to us & use the IFS experts for more value adding roles.

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Data Migration - Oil & Gas Assets

For Maritime Assets (FPSO/ RIG/ OSV) owners we provide rollout/ data migration of multiple assets. This will help you to get all assets on board IFS within shorter time period

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CMMS Building

We provide CMMS building services for oil & gas companies for new assets. 

Our team of experts have great experience with oil majors & top tier oil & gas companies for CMMS building.

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CMMS - Data Extraction

We provide CMMS data extraction services for Oil & Gas companies, other companies moving to IFS EAM solution.

Our team has the expertise on all major EAM/ CMMS including Maximo, AMOS & Star.

Happy Customers

Our team of consultants coms with great IFS experience which we leveraged to deliver maximum customer happiness

"Topra maintain a dedicated team which provide IFS user support with top notch functional & technical consultants. They played a significant role in our IFS 10 upgrade & optimising the solution to use in multiple continents by 500 users & 50 business entities"
Oil & Gas Asset Operator/ Europe
"Topra team provided expert level consultants to roll out our carefully crafted IFS solution in Singapore, China & Russia. The expert level team displayed urged us to use them in multiple locations"
Ship Builder/ Europe

You Name Tt - We Do It

There is no limit for our IFS services. All we care is that our customers can get the best out of IFS solution. To keep our promise we go out of the way.

  • L1/ L2 IFS Support
  • IFS Resources (Functional & Technical)
  • Report Development
  • IFS Trainings
  • IFS 10 Upgrade
  • Customisations
  • Integrations with 3rd party systems
  • Bank Integrations
  • Data Migration
  • Database Services
  • Rollouts/ Implementation
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Solution Optimisation