IFS the number one CMMS for Sophisticated Maritime Assets

IFS is the preferred CMMS among largest & sophisticated maritime asset owners including Maersk Drilling, BW Offshore & Maersk Supply Services


IFS EAM - Enterprise Asset Management is the Most Comprehensive Asset Management Solution Covers from Design & Engineering to Decommissioning

IFS is the preferred CMMS for

  • Oil Rigs
  • FPSO
  • OSV
  • FSRU
  • All other vessels
  • Power Plants
  • Railway/ Metro
  • Container Terminals
  • Mining Equipment
  • Manufacturing Plants & Other Machinery


IFS CMMS Customers Include

  • Maersk Drilling
  • BW Offshore
  • Maersk Supply Services
  • APM Terminals
  • Shanghai Metro
  • SDIC Quinzhou Power
  • BHP Billiton
  • Visy Industries


Single Point Access to Data on All Assets

IFS Replication Synchronize all assets with onshore server

RCM - Reliability Centered Maintenance to IOT - Internet of Things, IFS CMMS is Most Comprehensive

IOT - Internet Of Things

IFS has successful sensor based solutions to identify & alert component performance issues allowing to fix timely & reduce the dependancy on manual observations.

RCM - Reliability Centered Mainteance

RCM provides an industry standard to define a maintenance program, creating a cost-effective maintenance strategy to address the main causes of equipment failure. With RCM, failures are minimized, while over-maintenance is reduced, and scarce economic resources are focused on items that would cause the most disruption if they were to fail.

The IFS RCM Toolkit:

  • Enables database storage of maintenance strategies
  • Delivers the optimum maintenance strategy for complex, safety critical assets
  • Balances risk, cost and environmental factors
  • Delivers core RCM process support
  • Supports the criteria for RCM set out in SAE JA1011 and can work stand-alone

IFS CMMS & ERP build using functional components which could be configured easily. Implementing a standard CMMS solution is rapid & straight forward & gradually sophisticated features could be added